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Thanks v much for the info.

Yes I had noticed the 5.00 am broadcast had less ads but it also had
a shorter timeslot. I've taped the 11.00 am, 5.00 am (for Marianne,
not me!) and Sunday broadcasts. I have done a quick check of 'Frisco
Bound and the same cuts were made in all three broadcasts.

I guess there's a chance that when series one and two are shown again
in September, they might restore the cuts/have different cuts but I
very much doubt it. Very, very annoying!


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> Diana,
> I just checked 2 episodes the BBC broadcast repeated during the 50

year anniversary of the beeb (IIRC 1986?)

> The running time for episodes 3 (Other Points Of The Compass) and 4

(The High Price) were according to the TCM on the video machine 49
minutes 10 seconds (give or take few seconds difference), this is
from the beginning of the opening title to the end of the closing
title. I have a few more of these original from the beeb episodes
along with the closing credits of the Clothes Show. I'll check the
running times on those when I'm feeling bored.

> Anyhow. From UK Drama, with all the adverts edited out and again

from opening to closing titles, Ep 3 is 46 minutes 43 seconds, Ep 4
is 47 minutes 15 seconds.

> Quickly looking through a sample of all the UK Drama episodes the

run times are all in this area. Something around 2 minutes would
appear to be missing from every one of them.

> One thing I did notice when editing and did not check on was that

the repeat episode broadcast early in the morning only had 1.5 minute
advert slots instead of the usual 3-4 minute ones during the day.
(I'd recorded this because I messed up editing one of the daytime
slots and needed the first 25 minutes of it) I did not check however
if the overall running time was different, I doubt it was, as they
would not bother to do a different edit for that slot? The extra time
was probably filled up with upcoming programme information or

> Bill.