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I vaguely remember some controversy when the
episode was originally aired, in those days it was my mother who was the big fan
of the series and I had to keep quiet while it was on – if I was in! I
think there was some complaints about the portrayal of black people being
stereotyped, that sort of thing. but after all these years I'm not really
Having said that I think the decision to cut
it (and Bloody Week) was more to do with running time of VHS tapes,
you can get different standard length tapes for PAL (Europe) which are mainly 2,
3, and 4 hours. For America's NTSC system I think the equivalent gives
shorter time for the same amount of tape, or US readers may put me right on
this. Any length of tape of within the limits of the system is possible but
I would suppose it might be a question of production cost? 


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UK Drama

Cry of hte Blackbird?  I havne't seen all the first
series on UK
Drama, as its on when i get home from work, and if Im late I
not bother watching.  which one is that as I have never seen
it?  why
is it controversial?
I enjoyed Bloody Week, as I said,
soem of the acting was a bit !"Allo
Allo" but overall i thought that it
was good and i didn't think that
it was an implausible development for
James, that he shoudl tihnk a
little about politics and morality in such a
situation, I really
liked that aspect of it.


<william.whittaker1@n...> wrote:
> 2 episode were dropped one each
from series 1 and 2. I've heard
suggestions that Cry of the Blackbird from
1 was a bit controversial
at the time the VHS recordings were first
offered, political
correctness creeping in or some such nonsense, and that
Bloody Week
from 2 did not really lose much to the thread of the story and
not up to the standard of the rest of the production anyway. (Which

is a matter of opinion - not necessarily mine).
> I suspect
the real reasons were more to do with the length of VHS
cassettes and
perhaps some repeat fee arguments, I wonder if anyone
knows for
> Bill.
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>   Hi, now that its finsished I must
say that I've enjoyed watchign
>   although i have most of
htem on video anyway.  I havnt noticed
cuts -.

>   even my partner who didn't like it much has takne to
watching and
>   saying that he was grwowing to enjoy it a
>   it was good to see the French ep which i havene't
seen since i
was a
>   child, it was a bit "Allo Allo" in
some ways but still it was
>   enjoyable.  I
had to giggle when elizabeth sold the potatoes to
Prussian captain.. surely Eliz cuold have offered him soemthing

>   else! 
>   I wonder if it
was dropped from the videos becuase it did show
as a bit more kindly and principled than he usually is and they

>   it wwas a bit out of character. 

>   does anyone have any thoughts

>   G

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