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Re not including Bloody Week in the videos, I guess
there wasn't room for all the episodes and it was decided to omit one episode
from each series and also make cuts to the others so each series would fit on
four videos.  They probably picked on Bloody Week because it is (in my
opinion anyway) the weakest of the second series and, other than the
Elizabeth/Albert angle, is pretty much a stand alone story so its omission
wouldn't affect the continuing storylines.
In terms of the cuts made by UKTV Drama, if you
watch the BBC video of 'Frisco Bound and compare, you'll see that the scene
with Anne & James in the cabin of the Charlotte Rhodes before she sails is
totally cut as well as the scene when the ship returns and James walks down the
gangplank and kisses Anne.  I particularly noticed those two cuts as
'Frisco Bound is one of my fav episodes and UKTV Drama ruined the episode for
I've only watched 2/3 episodes in their entirety so
far but
I think every episode has been cut by I
guess two to three minutes.  Bill, I would be interested to know how much
has been cut when you get round to checking your old tapes.  When the BBC
originally broadcast series one and two in 1971 and 1972, each episode had a
fifty minute timeslot with opening and ending credits.  However, this
would also have included a bit of time for BBC programme trailers so each
episode in its entirety is probably approx. 48 minutes.

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Hi, now that its finsished I must say that I've enjoyed
although i have most of htem on video anyway.  I havnt
noticed cuts -.

even my partner who didn't like it much has takne to
watching and
saying that he was grwowing to enjoy it a lot...
it was
good to see the French ep which i havene't seen since i was a
child, it
was a bit "Allo Allo" in some ways but still it was very
I had to giggle when elizabeth sold the potatoes to teh
Prussian captain..
surely Eliz cuold have offered him soemthing

I wonder
if it was dropped from the videos becuase it did show James
as a bit more
kindly and principled than he usually is and they felt
it wwas a bit out
of character. 

does anyone have any