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I think Anne was crying at the end of the episode
not so much because of James' actions but from reaction to what she had just
gone through.  She must have been
disappointed that someone she had believed in hadn't proved to be worth
her support, especially when it had meant her opposing James; followed by
the shock of him holding her hostage but most of all to seeing the man set on
fire.  Most 19th century women would have fainted in horror after her
experience!  So it's not at all surprising for her to collapse in


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I finally saw it the othter day, and it does seem a bit
hokey altough i
enjoyed it all the same.  Pamela Salems Emma does
seem a bit dim whne
she asks Daniel if Eliz is a "fallen woman"... surely
our beloved Eliz
does not look like one?

Was a bit confused by the
ending, why was Anne crying her heart out? 
Surely she's used to
James putting profit before people by now! I had
actually thought that
james mihgt not have agreed to carrying the
islanders to slavery, since if
it got out it mihgt have led to trouble
for him, if for no other
reason.  Look at the ep in Series 2 wehre he
finds that his passager
is a slave trader and he puts the slaves