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Must admit it has been a while since I watched the series, I don't actually
remember what happened about this.

It seems to take a few months or so for me to go through the whole series so
maybe it is time to start again!


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> Greetings, All,
> I've been slowly catching myself up on the 'Onedin Line' episodes. I'm
> just getting into Series 7 and James Onedin is having difficulties
> because – as mentioned in the dialogue several times – he "has no
> steamships".
> Have I missed something in a previous series? In Series 5 he still has the
> Anne Onedin. (He sells her in one episode for 5,000 pounds, then buys
> several small schooners with the money. Then later in the same episode he
> sells the schooners to pocket 10,000 pounds, and buys the Anne Onedin back
> for a measly 2,000 because of a coal miner's strike.)
> I thought he still had her during Series 6. I don't remember any mention
> of him selling her or anything happening to her, or was there, and I just
> missed it? And if I have, if anyone knows the episode title please let me
> know so I can watch it again (and this time pay closer attention).
> Dino.
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