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Thanks! Maybe one of us will catch that little something that was missed the first (few?) times around!

As for the Anne Onedin, the reason she has sails is because – thanks to some cosmetics (false funnel, deckhouse aft, and wheelhouse amidships) and a change of name boards – the Charlotte Rhodes doubled as the Anne Onedin. With other cosmetic changes she also portrayed other Onedin ships: Caledonia, Oberon, and Cardiff (and of course without any cosmetics, the Scotch Lass).

Info again courtesy of "The World of the Onedin Line", (c) 1977 Alison McLeay.


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> And I do have a question that no one has been able to answer yet: maybe
> I missed it when watching my way through the entire Series, but at some
> point in Series 7 or 8, it's mentioned that James Onedin has no
> steamships, yet I can't remember any mention in a previous series where
> there's mention of him permanently selling the Anne Onedin.

I saw this thread question from you and was watching closely as I started again with Series 3, I'm almost up to Series 5. I think you're right, we don't know what happened.

> I know he lost her when Jack Frazer sold her and she was renamed Scotch
> Lass, but then James regained possession of her (in "A Proposal of
> Marriage" via salvage rights) and renamed her Anne Onedin again. Then he
> sold her for 5,000 pounds (I forget the episode's title), used that
> money to buy several small schooners, then turned around and sold the
> schooners during the coal miners' strike making 10 thousand pounds on
> the deal, and bought back the Anne Onedin for only 2,000 pounds.
> That was the last I knew of James doing any selling of her,

That was in S4N2 "A Cold Wind Blowing". She's part of the plot in S4N3 "Not Wanted on Voyage" but in S4N5 "Quarantine" James makes a contract requiring 3 steamers and Elizabeth says he has none, and there is no mention that the Anne Onedin is busy doing other trade.

> and he still
> had her at the end of Series 6. So, was there something I missed that
> left him without the Anne Onedin in Series 7 and 8?

I'll keep watching & update if I see more references.

Also the Anne Onedin has sails, but the Golden Nugget was designed by Albert NOT to carry sail, the two masts just for hoisting cargo S2N?. The model he showed in series 2 also shows up on the table at the launching ceremony of the Anne Onedin in S3N1 but we only see the hull of the actual ship during the launching so it isn't obvious until later episodes that the actual ship is different from Albert's design and the model.

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> > Greetings, All,
> >
> > I've been slowly catching myself up on the 'Onedin Line' episodes. I'm
> > just getting into Series 7 and James Onedin is having difficulties
> > because – as mentioned in the dialogue several times – he "has no
> > steamships".
> >
> > Have I missed something in a previous series? In Series 5 he still has the
> > Anne Onedin. (He sells her in one episode for 5,000 pounds, then buys
> > several small schooners with the money. Then later in the same episode he
> > sells the schooners to pocket 10,000 pounds, and buys the Anne Onedin back
> > for a measly 2,000 because of a coal miner's strike.)
> >
> > I thought he still had her during Series 6. I don't remember any mention
> > of him selling her or anything happening to her, or was there, and I just
> > missed it? And if I have, if anyone knows the episode title please let me
> > know so I can watch it again (and this time pay closer attention).
> >
> > Dino.

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