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I've had a look at this. The current highest bid is 69 SEK (Krona)
which is about 5.50 UK pounds. I can't find a way to translate the
site into English and maybe bid for this from the UK, and it doesn't
appear in the eBay UK listings even as an international purchase.

Worcester UK.

— In, Maritha Holmgren
<marithasally@…> wrote:

> Hi,
> This is just to inform you all that the record "Songs of the Sea"

by Peter is now for sale on the Swedish E bay, the
item no. is: 46044545. As I've already got one myself (bought in
1974) I thought that maybe some other shipmate would like to own one.

> Please note that I am not the seller, I only wanted to share this

information with the group.

> Regards,
> Maritha in Sweden
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