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Happy New Year to you, too, Bill! (And to everyone else as well!) I'd have replied sooner, but I was off line as well for a few days – not the computer: me! My back injury was acting up again, and I got hit with a bad vertigo episode. So, I was flat on my back (or curled up in a ball) for several days waiting for the aches and dizzies to go away. Things are better now and I'm at least back on my feet for short hops.

Sorry to hear about your site, Bill. I wish there was a way to send a massive "kill-the-computer" virus to the hacker so he would get fried (and I'd love to fry him; I abhor hackers!). Another group I belong to for an early 1970s show ('Search' in the US, 'Search Control' in the UK and I think a few other places) had their site hijacked and held for ransom a few years ago. Rather than paying the $3k USD fee to have the site released, the guy who built the site just built another site (on and loaded all of the things that were thankfully backed up onto the new site. So far <knocking on wood> there have been no more problems.

Hopefully you'll get things sorted out soon and we'll have smooth sailing once again!


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A belated  seasons greetings to all of you.
Happy New Year!
Just a quick note for anyone who might try to
access the Onedin Line section of my website.
Due to a hacker gaining control of my
web servers, I have l deleted all of the sites. Much of the content had
been altered so this was the safest opition.
There is a backup stored in the cloud so it will
return, but it will remain off-line until any issues with security are
identified and corrected.