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Some of the series is available in Europe on DVD, someone will have to
refresh my memory as to what is exactly available, you may need a player
that can handle region 2 discs (assuming you are somewhere else).

Every episode is out there as amateur low quality mpeg1 files, good enough
to follow the story.

I assume from your mail you are in the USA? An appeal on this list might be
fruitful? I know every episode reached those shores…….


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> That would be an enlightening bit of revelelation.
> I
> enjoyed teh series on Public Broadcasting (Channel 10)
> in Wisconsin. Though I may have only seen part of the
> series in the late 70s. My final chapter was where
> one sees Mrs. Onedin breastfeeding someone's child
> (I wasn't supposed to see that on US TV). I am going
> to check to see if this great series is on VHS or DVD
> at Barnes & Noble Booksellers.
> As far as it being well received I would think that
> it would be as well achieved as another BBC production
> "Doctor Who". It is sometimes unfortunate, and very
> confusing at times, when actors/actresses are
> replaced.
> As far as where Mr. Abraham got the name 'Onedin' it
> may have some historical connotations. But I know
> others on this forum might know the real answers.
> Ron