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That would be an enlightening bit of revelelation.
enjoyed teh series on Public Broadcasting (Channel 10)
in Wisconsin. Though I may have only seen part of the
series in the late 70s. My final chapter was where
one sees Mrs. Onedin breastfeeding someone's child
(I wasn't supposed to see that on US TV). I am going
to check to see if this great series is on VHS or DVD
at Barnes & Noble Booksellers.
As far as it being well received I would think that
it would be as well achieved as another BBC production
"Doctor Who". It is sometimes unfortunate, and very
confusing at times, when actors/actresses are
As far as where Mr. Abraham got the name 'Onedin' it
may have some historical connotations. But I know
others on this forum might know the real answers.

— Bill <> wrote:

> I'll bet Diana will have a definitive answer on
> this.
> But what I do remember was that it was becoming
> increasingly difficult to
> keep the cast together, as of course many of the
> actors also had other
> commitments. I think that was the main reason the
> series ended.
> The series lasted for over 10 years which is a
> remarkable achievement, only
> losing a few of the original members over that
> period, (most notably the
> truly excellent Michael Billington as Daniel Fogarty
> which has to be one of
> the best portrayals of a character in any TV series,
> except for Jessica
> Benton's Elizabeth, but then I am unashameably
> biased!)
> I also remember a radio interview with Cyril Abraham
> the creator of the
> Onedin Line where he said he had an outline of the
> story right up to the
> present day (then the 1970s) but if he ever put pen
> to paper on those or if
> they exist anywhere nobody seems to know.
> Bill.
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> the final series?
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> > The series 8 episode: A Long Way Home, was the
> final episode of the
> > Onedin Line series. Was it planned that Series 8
> would be the last
> > one, or was The Onedin Line cancelled because of
> poor ratings?
> > Anyone know the history of this?
> >
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