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Hi again,

According to the amazon site, the new release of series one is 650
minutes duration. If this is correct, it's not good news.

Series one is 15 episodes and at 50 minutes each (the time allocated
when the BBC originally broadcast the episodes in 1971) the total
length should be approaching 750 minutes. If you allow a couple of
minutes for BBC "ads" between programmes and say each episode,
including titles, actually ran for 47/48 minutes, this would make the
total for series one just over 700 minutes. (I hope this makes sense
to everyone!)

By the way, according to the box, the Dutch Memphis Belle version of
series one is 627 minutes (this is the same as the version released
on video by the BBC in the early 1990s and Playback on DVD three or
four years ago). This at least implies the 2 Entertain release is
different to those previously available in Europe. I really can't
believe a company is going to release the BBC video/Playback
DVD/Memphis Belle DVD shortened version yet again as hardly anyone
would buy it!!

Hopefully, the DVD duration on amazon is an error.

And in reply to Bill's message yesterday, as far as I'm aware the
Memphis Belle releases of series three and four are uncut i.e. as
originally broadcast by the BBC though I have to admit that I've
still not watched these (lack of time, definitely not lack of desire!)

Have a good weekend everyone.