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Good news indeed, especially if "Cry of the Blackbird" is also there to
make up the full 15 episodes.

Could be the video quality will also be better than the Memphis Belle

Now it would be even better if series 2 (including "Bloody Week") were also
released, not to mention series 5 onwards to complete the collection! – I
suppose that is asking too much.


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From: Diana
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 1:27 PM
Subject: [shiponedingroup] Series 1 – Great News!!

Greetings shipmates,

An update to the message I left yesterday:

According to several sites on the internet, 2 Entertain is releasing
series one of The Onedin Line in the UK on DVD in full and as
originally broadcast.

This means episode titles at the beginning and end of each episode
(rather than only at start and end of each disc) and no cuts.
Presumably the episode Cry of the Blackbird will also be included.
Series one has never before been commercially available in its
entirety anywhere so it's excellent news.

And not too long to wait – release date is 16 April.

It will be on five discs and the retail price £39.99. and both have it available to pre-order at
around £30.00.

One disappointing note, according to 2 Entertain there will not be
any extras.

Just hope the release goes ahead as planned and there's no last
minute cancellation or change.

If sales are good, maybe series two will also be released in full.

If I learn any more, I'll post it on shiponedin.

A great start to 2007!!


Apologies for not posting much the last few months but I've been
manic at work (12+ hours most days plus weekends)