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> Series 1 episodes 1 – 15.
> Are on 4 DVDs. The episodes have been joined together to form 4

parts, one on each disc. Comparing them with the original separate
stories as they were transmitted there does not appear to be anything
missing. The edit would appear to be just the opening and closing
titles. Except that is, for a notable exception – the omission of
episode 12 "Cry of the Blackbird". The exact reasons why this was cut
is not clear (and "Bloody Week" from series 2, more later).

> Series 2 episodes 16 – 29.
> Again as with series 1 these are all the episodes from series 2

joined together then split to make up 4 parts one on each DVD. And
once again an episode is omitted, namely 27 "Bloody Week".

Hi all,

In case anyone is thinking of getting the the Dutch version of Series
1 & 2, please note that these are the same as the BBC and Playback
versions in the UK. As well as not including the two episodes Bill
mentions above, numerous cuts have been made, most fairly short.
Similary with the Australian version released in 2005 (which claims
to be the complete series – it isn't!)

If you want the episodes in their entirety as originally broadcast on
TV in the 1970s, you need to buy the two US/Canadian DVDS (available
via amazon etc.), though only the first eight episodes of series one
have been released. Hopefully, the rest of series one plus series
two will one day be released in full.