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At the moment 2 Entertainment is releasing the DVDs in the UK including the
missing episodes and without any cuts, series 2 will be released 13 August
this year.

Memphis Belle has released series 1 to 4 in Holland (subtitles can be
switched off), in both series 1 and 2 an episode is missing (Cry Of The
Blackbird and Bloody Week); series 3 and 4 are complete.

I've contacted Memphis Belle and they can't give a straight answer if series
5 to 8 will be released; something to do with the rights.

I will contact 2 Entertainment and ask if they're planning to release more
series, they have the BBC rights at the moment.

The only way to obtain series 5 to 8 at the moment is to find someone who
has them on tape or take a look at eBay..

As soon as I've contacted 2 Entertainment and they've given an answer I'll
let you know through the group.



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Subject: [shiponedingroup] Seasons 5-8 available anywhere?

As a new member of this group, I wonder if anyone out there knows if
series 5 to 8 are available on tape or DVD. We've got series 1 and 2 on
tape (BBC Enterprises 1995) with series 3 and 4 from Memphis Belle on
DVD, and they're all very good. If they're not yet available, anyone
know of any plans to release the rest of this riveting series? Anyone
asked the BBC?

Garth and Christine Williams,
Worcester UK.

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