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I've just had this reply (below) from the BBC in response to an email
I sent them a few days ago. Maybe if other members of this group also
wrote to 2 entertain (as Marianne has already done) they may take a
bit of notice. Worth a try anyway!


Worcester UK


Dear Garth

Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'The Onedin Line'.

I was pleased to read of your interest and I would suggest you put it
in writing to BBC Worldwide who are responsible for the commercial
release of all BBC products. Please write to:

Programming & Acquisitions Dept
2 entertain
33 Foley Street

For future reference, if you want to check the availability of a BBC
product, you may wish to visit the following website:

I hope that this is of help and thank you again for taking the time
to contact us.


Erika Graham
BBC Information
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Thank You