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Dear Garth and Christine,

Memphis Belle ( ) is recently selling series 1,2,3 and 4 of the Onedin Line, cost 9,99 euro each DVD in every musikshop or big retailer (Blokker for example) for this price in the Netherlands.Plenty of them.

Memphis Belle replied on my mail and the assured me that they also want to release series 5, but no date was available yet.

Best Regards,


garth3639 <> wrote:
As a new member of this group, I wonder if anyone out there knows if
series 5 to 8 are available on tape or DVD. We've got series 1 and 2 on
tape (BBC Enterprises 1995) with series 3 and 4 from Memphis Belle on
DVD, and they're all very good. If they're not yet available, anyone
know of any plans to release the rest of this riveting series? Anyone
asked the BBC?

Garth and Christine Williams,
Worcester UK.

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