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Thanks Marianne for the info.

I've emailed the BBC this week and got a very general reply suggesting
I looked on their website to see if "The Onedin Line" will be
transmitted in the following week as they can't advise further ahead
than that!! The UKTV website doesn't give any date for further
transmissions of "The Onedin Line" – they transmitted early episodes
but stopped last year, and in reply to my email to them asking why,
they said that there was insufficient interest to continue.

I emailed Memphis Belle last year after receiving Series 3 and 4 and
they said at that time they were hoping to release more of the series
but that they were negotiating rights with the BBC.

I've now looked on the 2 Entertain website ( but
can't find any mention of "The Onedin Line" in their current or future
releases. Hope your information is reliable!

Doesn't anyone in this group have series 5-8 on tape, maybe recorded
off air? I know that it was transmitted originally in the 1970's but
I've some recordings more than 25 years old on VHS, unfortunately "The
Onedin Line" isn't among them!


Garth Williams