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This is good news, sort of. (North America region calling here.) The problem is not only in the DVD player, but it's also in the TV. A "region free" DVD player will play any region DVD, but if it was recorded in PAL format the N. American TVs will not recognize the signals, and you will still get a blank screen.

Some TVs have an auto-detect function that will adjust to either PAL or NTSC format, but good luck trying to find one in any store. I've located a few on line, but the places selling them haven't been given the greatest reviews.

So my question – for anyone who knows more about this than me – if you have a "region free" DVD player, and it plays a Region 2 in PAL format, can you still get it to play on an NTSC TV if you use the straight audio and video outputs? (In other words, don't go through the tuner, but rather the red, white, and yellow "RCA" jacks that use the audio and composite video before it goes through the tuner to get to your TV's cable input?)


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After some false starts and problems I won't go in to here I finally obtained the Series 6 DVDs from an eBay seller.

These are the latest of the Memphis Bell released, are in the original episode format and are of similar quality to the previous five series that have been released from the same source.

By default they have subtitles in the Dutch language, these can be turned off, the soundtrack is the original English one.

These would again appear to been made from broadcast tapes, possibly second generation copies intended for overseas TV companies, in this case probably the ones the BBC sent to the Netherlands.�

Having said that there is nothing really wrong with them, and short of re-mastering from original BBC tapes – unlikely because it would be expensive – they are the best we are likely to get.

The discs are Region 2 PAL, so those of you in other regions will need to make sure you can play them on your equipment. This is a special problem for north American viewers I'm told. Most North American DVD players do not understand PAL system and region 2 or 0 (so called universal region). They understand only NTSC system and region 1.

A solution is to buy a suitable player. Google for multi-region code free pal/NTSC DVD players, I easily found one seller, (there are many to choose from), example:

http://www.220-�electronics. com/dvd/dvdorig. htm�

So overall I'm pleased with the series 6 DVDs now if they'll just do the two remaining series…


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Bill,Will the DVDs work in Ireland without having to buy a player.

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