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Greetings, All,

I know I'm a bit late on this, but I didn't have any comments to
ass until a few days or so ago when my wife & I were watching an
episode of "Are You Being Served?". Mr. Humphries was talking about
his television experience the previous night. (Not trying to memorize
the dialog – laughing at their effective use of "self-cleaning
pronography") Mr. Humphries says his television had no picture, only
sound, when he turned it on & found himself in the middle of a
programme. He describes what dialog he heard, with it sounding more &
more like some lurid X-rated thing the more he talked. Finally he says
he heard someone say [something like] "Bring her around, Mr. Baines;
and I realized it was 'The Onedin Line.'"

Not exactly "modern" culture, but it was a (humourous) reference.


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> Are there any references to The Onedin Line in movies, novels, TV
> shows, cliches, etc. since the show was on the air? Since Onedin had


> big following, I wondered if spurred popular slang, if people in


> made references to characters and the like.
> Your thoughts are welcome.