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All right… something is wrong with my replies. This is the last time I'll
try this. I'm separating my comments with lines since I can't seem to get
the extra line breaks to come through. So, here goes…
I did this at that BBC link they gave, but with a 350-character
limit to the comment field, the best I could do was this:
A copy of the original “The Onedin Line” pilot episode from December of
1970 with Sheila Allen portraying Anne Onedin has been found at the US
Library of Congress (see items at _,_
(,) ¾ down the
page: and, _
( ). Would
the BBC consider releasing this Pilot on DVD?
The above is 342 characters. Others in the group may feel free to use
edit as you can; just remember the character limit also includes spaces.
Also, the BBC web site says you can enquire about DVD releases by
contacting 2|entertain at this address: (
It's an actual e-mail that people read (although you will get an automated
response letting you know that they got your e-mail) so there is no
character limit. You can type any nice letter about this you want. So I did
as well, and while I was at it I asked about more Region 1 releases.

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