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There is little point in buying VHS tapes unless
you don't have a DVD player.
Series 3 is available on DVDs which are far more
robust and do not wear out through repeated use.
BUT…. USA is
region 1, UK and Europe (Australia as well I think) and some other parts of the
world are region 2. As sold a player will probably only play the region you
are in (USA in your case). As far as the region compatibility is concerned
many players can be made to play back discs from any region. This is called
region hacking and is not as fearsome as it sounds. Check the list of players
and the instructions here to make your player region free enter the model an hit
the search button: If
you have a player listed there you are ok. If not I'd suggest buying a cheap
player, I don't know about the USA but in the UK DVD players are for sale at
less than £20 which I'd guess is about $30 and can be made region
The USA uses a TV system called NTSC, in the UK
Europe and much of the rest of the world the PAL system is used. The good news
is that as far as I am aware all DVD players will correctly play either system
so there should be no problem with that.


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I am trying to obtain Series 3 of ONEDIN LINE< all I think I can get
is a VHS from the UK.  I don't think that would work, would it? 
But, I guess a DVD would be OK, in the US, or elsewhere.  Please give me
the possible address of any concern who can sell a Series 3 DVD.
Many thanks,
Linda Huthmaker