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I don't know. I bought the netherland Edition of the whole first season,
it contains 4 DVD's with more than 10 hours, yummy 🙂 It was also
considerably cheap at ebay (25 Euros), if you have a way of obtaining
it, grab it!

Reinhard from Austria, a fan, even though he was just a kid in the
seventies, but also good for me, because I remember only bits and
pieces, so it has a whole new and fresh feeling to it 🙂

Ron wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking at purchasing for right now 'The Onedin Line Set 1'
> at Borders Bookstores. It cost $59.95. I am curious if anyone in the
> US has purchased this yet? By set do they mean 'Series' or is it a
> complilation of best episodes?
> Regardless, though I am curious, I will eventually purchase it.
> Just curious as to what the DVD contains.
> Thanks,
> Ron