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Hi Bill
Thank you for welcoming me to the group! I was lucky to get in contact with Helga in Germany and she has sent me Peter's music on CD and audio cassette. He really had a most wonderful singing voice back in those days. He made a tour here in Sweden where he sang some of his songs and it was a great success. It's nice to be able to listen to it again in a more "modern" way.
It seems there is not much activity in the group at the moment but I suppose it has to do with if there is a series showing on TV. I have recently bought the latest DVD edition of the first series and found out that they had left out small sequences on my old video tapes. Probably doing so for making space for 4 episodes per video tape.
Has there been a fanmeeting? I think it would be great if someone would arrange a meeting for us Onedinfans. We would have so much in common to talk about.
Bye for now
Maritha in Sweden

Bill Whittaker <> wrote:
Just noticed this message, hello and welcome.

Can't help with Peter's music on CD in fact I don't think it has been
released on that format? Could someone transfer it from the LP for

I can do this but don't have the vinyl.

There's an mp3 of Homeloving Man in the file section of this list


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<marithasally@…> wrote:

> Hi, I am a new member from Sweden. I wonder if anyone has got


> records on CD's? I've only got the LP "Homeloving man" but can't


> it because I've got rid of the oldfashioned recordplayer! So, please


> there is anyone who would like to help me…..
> Naturally ,I'll pay for the expenditure.
> Regards,
> Maritha

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