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Hi Diana,

I remember that Peter was the star guest in a music
show in the pre-evening program by HR (Hessischer
Rundfunk – a regional broadcast station) about 1976.
But I've forgotten the name of the show.
He did perform some songs. By then I've never heard
that Peter was a musical singer before he did launch
his acting career. I was very surprised…
I've got a vinyl record from the 70's named "James
Onedin – songs of the sea" by EBAY. Very rare here.

Diana, it was fine if you could post more details
about Peter Gilmore's work in UK and somewhere in
Europe. Because we have problems to get any
informations about him in German-speaking countrys and
German websites.
It's very interesting for our Onedin fans…Perhaps
you could upload some infos to the files section.

Thank you very much

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