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> Hi shipmates,
> I am seeking info on Peter Gilmore working outside the UK.
> One article I have for Peter (dated 1978) said he learnt German and
> appeared regularly on European TV as a compere and performer. I


> some info about his appearing on Dutch TV several times and I know


> did the play Sleuth in Sweden, worked in Norway at least once and


> have recorded some TV adverts in Europe pre-Onedin Line.
> Does anyone have further info about Peter appearing in Europe on TV
> or the stage? Any info most gratefully received.
> Thanks,
> Diana

Hi Diana,
I think the music show Mathias is referring to might be "MOT" (Music
on Top). It was produced in Hamburg by the German channel NDR and
broadcast on German television on Dec. 27th, 1976. Peter performed 2
songs, "We" and "Home lovin' man". As Mathias said, at that time
people thought Peter was just another actor trying to be a singer as
well; they didn't know a had been a singer first.
I don't know anything about Peter appearing in German television in
advertising spots.In the sixties advertising on TV was rather
limited, and I think Peter is a face you remember.
There is another point I am interested in. As we all know, Peter was
born in Leipzig, Germany. So is he of German descent or did his
parents just happen to be in Germany when he was born? In those days
it was not as common to work abroad as it is today. On the other
hand "Gilmore" is not a German name, but perhaps he chose that name
later on. Maybe someone of our group knows about it?