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Jean Drew
Hi Viv,

Sorry, my last email sent itself before I was finished. Not very helpful
under the circumstances.

As I was saying, I would be honoured to write Mr Gilmore's biography. I am
an author published in fiction and have studied ghostwriting. If Mr Gilmore
would be interested, I am available for discussion.


Jean Drew

> Does anyone know the state of Peter Gilmore's health? Back in 2008 it was
> posted somewhere that he was ill and it appeared a long term illness?
> Diana Rollings and Marianne van Hilten have also not been evident
> recently – not that they,re ill but they seemed to have some contact with
> the Gilmores. Having found out some of Peter,s earlier history – born in
> Germany etc.. Is anyone thinking of an autobiography for him?
> anyone out there? Viv