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Sadly, it seems no matter how hard production teams try with historical
films and such, there are always anachronisms that sneak in (i.e. nylon line
for rigging, possibly for safety or maritime regulations reasons, dunno). It
would probably be impossible to prevent every single one from showing up.

Besides, it's fine to be a sailing era buff (I'm one – in fact I've got a
pen pal in the UK who actually was crew on Charlotte Rhodes before Charlotte
met with that fire), but we can ignore small anachronistic things like
that. I also do US Civil War living history (US Revenue Cutter Service) and
those who nit-pick at every little detail we, in the LH community, refer to
as "Rivet Counters" (or "Stitch Nazis", depending on how obnoxious they are).


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Never mind the locations, the series is peppered with period errors, such
as Talurit splices in the rigging (yes as a tallship sailor and rigger I was
one of those 'buffs') and synthetics all over the place and who allowed
those modern galvanised railings aft on the Charlotte episode after
On a very personal level Ken in wardrobe went ballistic when he discovered
I'd been climbing the rigging in Clark's 'pasty's' (remember those shoes?)

However, none of it mattered, or matters today, what matters is it was and
is the only series to give us the pleasure of seeing so many traditional
sailing ships, of whatever period!

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