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In my experience all the nice girls liked a sailor, not much sign of contempt there! Plus going aloft isn't all that dangerous, in fact it is one of the few places onboard a sailor can get away from a bully of a mate or a grumpy skipper. I read Dana on my first Atlantic crossing 'before the mast'.

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My favorite character?

Leonora Biddulph! I'd rather have her around than any of the others. Brave, determined, resourceful, aggressive, cares nothing for convention. James was foolish not to marry her for purely selfish reasons when she offered to take care of Charlotte. Given how hard she worked for him, think how much happier she would have been if she were getting what she wanted! I don't think she had unrealistic expectations about what a cold fish he is, but if she were disappointed and left, he'd be no worse off.

The ships! Taking advantage of free wind and currents to cross the ocean, if you know how to select the vectors and measure the stars to figure out where you are. I built a big model of the Cutty Sark, and read Richard Henry Dana's _Two Years Before the Mast_. It's hard to imagine the contempt in which sailors were held, maybe that was necessary to give them such dangerous work aloft. I still can't believe many captains would sail thousands of miles, around Cape Horn, with no prospect for a cargo except the word of a frightened pantryman (S2N4 Fetch and Carry).

Anne, I didn't think the series could continue without her.

James. And later, Elizabeth. Ayn Rand would love those two, I wonder if she ever commented.

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> Thanks to everyone who voted for their fav character.
> 11 people voted out of 35 members so a little disappointing that we
> didn't make 50% but there was certainly a lot of activity last week.
> The winner of favourite character, just pipping James, is ELIZABETH
> I will set up another poll later this week – assuming everyone wants
> to continue.
> Diana

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