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I will join in, my favourite Onedin character is Daniel Fogarty.
I would like to know if there is anywhere you can get the whole Onedin series, I only have 1st and 2nd, and really annoyed that I can't get anymore episodes, I am sure no more have been released, I was only a child when the series was first shown, I remember my mum watching every week LOL.

Diana <> wrote:

Calling all shipmates,

There hasn't been much activity from the group of late plus some
members haven't posted much so I thought that if we held a few poles
perhaps that would get everyone participating a bit more.

I'll collate the votes and confirm the winner (assuming there are
sufficient responses!).

To start things off .....


You can give reasons if you wish.
Voting closes midnight GMT 29 February (next Sunday evening).

My vote goes to the wonderful Anne Onedin.

Hope everyone will take part.

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