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Must say it came as surprise to me too, I scan the programme schedules now
and again but missed that.

CJB suggested using thebox torrent site which is a good solution. I believe
this might involve a donation, perhaps he could tell us a bit more about it?

Or perhaps start up some sort of exchange between those who have recorded it
and those who missed them.

DVD-r discs are very cheap, and in a paper or better still plastic sleeve
are very durable, and fit in an envelope that will go on a first class
stamp, anywhere in the UK.

So get the recorders going and if one or two episodes have been missed, I'm
pretty certain an appeal for them might be worth a try on here…

You can also buy any or all of the series on DVD of course!


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>I was surprised that no one had picked up that Onedian is being re shown at
>11am on Yesterday , I spotted it by chance , it is part way through series
>one , so I have missed getting the series one episodes yet again -m drat
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