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> If you have the URL of that site (the www. address) it may be

possible to

> find it here
> "30 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago."
> Not perfect, but I found a few old pages I thought had gone

forever. (Just

> shows an old website never dies, it does not tend to fade away


> If you do have the url I would be interested in taking a look,

there may be

> some useful info there.
> Bill.
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> <snip> I also exchanged a number of e-mails with the site owner,
> > Gemma during 2002. There was a problem with something illegal on


> > site and it was closed down by BT just over a year ago I think.


> > I last heard from Gemma in February/March this year she said the


> > was in the process of being set up with another Internet provider


> > that she hoped to have it up not long after Easter. But I haven't
> > heard from her since and no sign of her website

unfortunately …..

> </snip>


I gave a try to the web archive you mentioned and I actually found it:

the URL is

Hope that helps!