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Should have explained in my ramblings, that of course I can lift the music from the commercial DVDs I have, these are of course mono sound track, I just thought it would be nice if a stereo version was available to mach my "improved" version.


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This is to go on a audio restoration project that I have been doing to amuse myself of the episode "Bloody Week". (This is one of the episodes missing on most commercial versions of series 2, ep 27).

It has undoubtedly one of the worst sound tracks of all the episodes, the special effects being noticeably lacking in believability, pretty well "coconut shells making clip-clop sounds for the horses, and gunshots and ricochets from dodgy cartoon sound track" type of thing.

I feel this all adds to a kind of "Allo Allo" feel to the story, which is a shame, because whatever the shortcomings of the plot, it does interweave The Onedin Line with contemporary historical events of that period. It really does spoil it for me so I decided to crank up Adobe Audition and go to work.

The final result will be a stereo sound track with as many of the defects removed as possible, this should lift the general viewing/listening enjoyment – at least for me, which is the point of the exercise 🙂

Anyway if you are still with me, apart from being somewhat time-consuming, the dialog is easy to clean up and place, the sound effects I can do perfectly – but the music.

Does anyone know the exact version of the music used in the series? Title, we know, number of the LP or single would be helpful. Also is there any incidental music, ie was there a disc release of the soundtrack? That would do, not seen anything on eBay that fits the bill.



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