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Hi to all,


I’ve called Memphis Belle and they’ll
try to release the other series but it’s difficult every time to get all
settled with the rights.

I also promised you all to give more info
about the selling through MB but unfortunately I couldn’t get anything
done without being a whole seller and they don’t do business with small internet
sellers. also sells the DVDs, for people
outside Holland
the P&P is outrageous and for the Dutch only Euro 1.95 no matter how many
DVDs you buy. I took a look and the “normal” P&P to the
UK will be
about EURO 3.50 (Dutch Post standards) so I’m willing to buy the DVDs and
send them to anyone of you. The box price is 22.95 at Bol.

After Easter I will visit the local shop,
know series 1-3 are Euro 19.95 each box and will inform if the price for series
4 will be the same. I can order the DVDs and it all will be cheaper.

Let me know if some of you like this idea.

Although MB said the release date should
be the 21st I already received the DVDs last Thursday.


I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!!




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Line Season 4 DVD


Great news especially as it
was thought Memphis Belle couldn't secure

rights for anything after Season 3. Could one of
out Dutch members

call Memphis Belle and see if they will gradually
be releasing the

remaining seasons please.
Incidentally you can also buy it here: