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Hi Ron,
It can get confusing with any series. You might
consider checking with Barnes & Noble Bookstores.
They may have access to the complete series in various
Yes I remember the series from the 70s as well and
thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to get it soon.
— rebb286 <> wrote:

> I watched the entire series on public TV in the 70's
> in America. I
> was taken with it, and have never forgotten how good
> it is. ,
> Recently I discovered that 2 sets of DVDs(2 in a
> set)are available
> via, produced by a Canadian recording
> company. I
> purchased them and discovered that the 48 chapters(4
> disks in part 1
> and 4 disks in part 2 with 12 chapters on each disk)
> are not the
> complete series.
> Sooo—
> I wonder if the entire series is available in
> English for American
> DVD players or VHS players?
> I have looked at several listings of the episodes on
> the internet,
> and I have found that no two listings seem to
> completely agree.
> I have found several references to a synopses, but
> no actual
> synopses, so I don't know for certain which episodes
> I actually have,
> or do not have.
> I think I only have the first season, although the
> first season on
> the internet lists 15 episodes, whose titles match
> my CDs. My CDs
> contain 48 chapters(episodes?) My CDs end before
> James' wife dies,
> and before he turns to sailing steamships in his
> business, except for
> the race to salvage the cargo using Frazier's
> steamboat.
> I don't see how a weekly series of consecutive
> programs can create so
> much confusion about their order and content! I need
> someone to help
> me sort this out.
> Thanks you,
> Ron

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