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Thank you sooo much for the information. 
Yes, my two DVDs are BFS produced.  Bottom line seems to be that "The
Homecoming" is as far as my 4 DVD disks go.  "The Homecoming" is the title
of the last set of chapters. BFS made this confusing by chopping up the eight 60
minute episodes into 48 chapters(four CDs with 12 chapters on each). However,
there are a total of eight main story headings on the four CDs.
there are 92 episodes, and I only have 8.  What a tragedy.
Again, thank you for your concern. 
On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 08:59:46 -0000 "Diana" <> writes:

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Hi Ron,

Assuming the DVDs you purchased recently are those
produced by BFS
Entertainment, they only contain the first eight episodes
from series

The complete eight series have never been released
on video or DVD

The first two series are available
in England, though cuts have been
made to these.

In addition,
series three has recently been released on DVD in the


We can only hope that the Dutch company will release
further series
in the future.

A complete (and accurate) list of
Onedin Line episodes can be found
in the Files section of this

Hope this helps.