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> Series7 now as well.
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> > I managed to sign up to The Box and I can see that series 5 and 6
> are now available as torrents. I expect the rest of them will
> eventually find their way to torrents as well.
> >
> > It would seem that where commercial interests have failed to give
> us releases of these still very popular programmes, enthusiasts


> stepped in and provided fans of the saga with an alternative.
> >
> > I expect there will be some debate about the legality of all


> the fact remains that if you want these stories it is about the


> way you are going to get them.
> >
> > Bill.
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Is there anyway for those of us that don't know our torrents from our
teacups to ever access these shows? I barely mastered my DVD player
last month. Anything mentioning software sends my pulse racing and
palms start to sweat. Also, if those of you who understand the
torrents stuff can watch series 5 Onedin, is there any way you can
make DVDs from them and sell them to us who then could play them as
DVDs? Or is this all agains the copyright laws?? Thanks, Sharonh