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Hi Megan,

I think Ebay ist always a good shot regarding DVDs. You can obtain the
Onedin Line quite cheaply at ebay and some sellers are shipping

I just did a search and came up with the following example, the second
series for 20 Euros, plus 6 Euros shipping to any place in the world.
Sounds not to bad, eh? 🙂

Hope that helps
Reinhard from Austria, that is very often confused with Australia by
some Americans 🙂

Megan wrote:

> Hi Reinhard,
> I'd prefer them presented in full episode order, but I'm just pleased
> that more DVDs have been released. Only recently saw the first season,
> so I'm keen to buy others cause I've never seen the show previously.
> I'm looking to buy the dutch sets, but I have to find a retailer the
> doesn't charge heaps for postage to Australia.
> Cheers,
> Megan.
> — In, "Reini" <allofme@u…> wrote:
>> Yep, the dutch region 2 DVD's are exactly like this, 3 or 4 episodes,
>> one after each other, without a break or the title music. The good
>> thing is, that you have a whole season with one of these sets.
>> Reinhard from Austria