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Yep, the dutch region 2 DVD's are exactly like this, 3 or 4 episodes,
one after each other, without a break or the title music. The good thing
is, that you have a whole season with one of these sets.

Reinhard from Austria

Megan wrote:

> Hi Barbara,
> I've got this DVD set, and it is four disks and coded region 4. Each
> DVD is presented as one episode, ie. as a compilation of 3 or 4
> episodes. I believe that region 2 DVD was also presented like this.
> Cheers,
> Megan.
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>> Has anyone seen the new Australian DVD edition of season one
>> ( It is coded region 4,
>> but with a multi-region player it should not be a problem to see it
>> elsewhere than Australia.
>> The given overall running time of 750 minutes would account for 15
>> episodes of 50 minutes but I cannot find an episode list. The short
>> contents descriptions of the four DVDs could be written for the BBC
>> or dutch edition as well.
>> At another address
>> ( the same
>> edition is to include five DVDs instead of four but with only 632
>> minutes contents. That does not make sense at all.
>> I would much like to know if this edition is cut like the others or
>> not.
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>> wrote: