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Hi Ron,

US & Canadian DVDs are usually Region 1 whereas Europe is Region 2.
There are also a few DVDs which are Region 0 and can be played on any
equipment. Unfortunately, the Onedin Line DVDs of series one
released in the UK by Playback are Region 2. I also believe series
one, two and three available from a Dutch company are Region 2 but am
not positive (I'm at work at present so can't check mine). These can
also be purchased on eBay.

However, in Europe you can buy multi-region DVD players which will
play DVDs from any region. Don't know if you can get multi-region
DVD players in the US but I understand it's quite a simple process to
convert the equipment to multi-region (don't ask me how as I'm not
that technical!).

More more info on DVD regions:

Hope this helps.

I certainly recommend you purchase the two BFS Onedin Line sets on
DVD. Enjoy!