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I have contact with Memphis Belle and next
Monday I’ll hear if I can re-sell the DVDs for a fair price. In the shops
here in Holland
the price will be Euro 19.95 but for sure they will be cheaper for the




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Onedin DVD series 4


Very good news,


I can stop trying to convert my bad quality VHS tapes of
series 4 to DVD and continue with series 5 🙂


Anyone got the link to Memphis Belle online store? I've not
been able to find them on eBay.



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Onedin DVD series 4


I told you all that the DVD will be released 21 April.


There’s already a seller on eBay who pre-sells the
DVDs for Euro 40.

It’s up to you to buy it from this seller but next
Monday I have contact again with Memphis Belle and the price will be approx.
Euro 20 excl. P&P.

I’ll update you next Monday.


Kind regards,