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perhaps I can help clarify the "two dvds" available at memphis belle
( there are two SETS of dvds (each comprising
four dvds). Set one covers series one, set two is SERIES TWO (which –
as far as I'm aware – is not available as dvd by playback or any
other British or American firm).
The sets quote a BBC copyright and use the BBC logo; the contents of
the dvds is identical to the BBC videos : episodes cut to to
approximately 45 minutes; episodes "Cry of the Blackbird" and "Bloody
Week" missing.

The new series mentioned by Ans therefore – and this would be really
good news – can only refer to series three (or a later series). There
is, however, no mention of it yet in their present catalogue.


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> Ans,
> Could you tell me;
> 1 Which is the next series you are referring to?
> 2 Who is Memphis Bells ?
> Bill.
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> > Hello
> > Memphis Bells told me that the next series will be brought out


> > year on DVD.
> >
> > greetings Ans