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although I joined last year, I have not introduced myself yet.

I am from Hungary, and The Onedin Line was on TV in our country in the
80s (and perhaps late 70s). Born in 1975 I watched the series as a I
child, and I liked it mostly because of the ships and the adventures.
I also always liked stories taking place in the late 19th century,
perhaps because the world seemed much freer then (which was very much
in contrast to the oppressive communism I lived in, and probably I
felt the huge difference even as a child). Of course, there are many
stories about the late 19th century with ships and adventures, but The
Onedin Line was special because of its general quality.

I was not alone liking this series, because when the show was
broadcast on Tuesday evenings (that was the "slot" for The Series – we
had only one main TV channel and at any one time it ran only one
series from a western country), the streets in the Hungarian cities
got practically empty. Even when the show was re-run in the 90s, I
found it to be still one of the best series (despite having seen a lot
of more recent, mainly American series by then), though perhaps it was
not liked so much by the general public then.


On 1/17/07, Bill <> wrote:
> At the start of 2007 I see we have a few new members to our group, hello you are very welcome. Perhaps you might introduce yourselves and tell us what it is about the Onedin Line you find so compelling. Or maybe you just want to find out about DVD releases or something about the cast of the show.
> Whatever it is that is what this list is for. Exchange views about the series.
> I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone on here all the best for 2007.
> Bill.
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