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Hello and welcome.

I hope you will enjoy the discussions on this list, and of course continue
to enjoy watching the Onedin Line!


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From: István Váradi
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although I joined last year, I have not introduced myself yet.

I am from Hungary, and The Onedin Line was on TV in our country in the
80s (and perhaps late 70s). Born in 1975 I watched the series as a I
child, and I liked it mostly because of the ships and the adventures.
I also always liked stories taking place in the late 19th century,
perhaps because the world seemed much freer then (which was very much
in contrast to the oppressive communism I lived in, and probably I
felt the huge difference even as a child). Of course, there are many
stories about the late 19th century with ships and adventures, but The
Onedin Line was special because of its general quality.

I was not alone liking this series, because when the show was
broadcast on Tuesday evenings (that was the "slot" for The Series – we
had only one main TV channel and at any one time it ran only one
series from a western country), the streets in the Hungarian cities
got practically empty. Even when the show was re-run in the 90s, I
found it to be still one of the best series (despite having seen a lot
of more recent, mainly American series by then), though perhaps it was
not liked so much by the general public then.