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Janet Gauntt

> I've tried downloading the RAR versions of the episodes I'm missing from, as well as other sites, and just as before my computer hiccups once, burps twice, and then barfs all over the place (metaphorically, of course, but hopefully you get my meaning; my computer absolutely hates anything to do with RARs).

Before you give up on your .RAR format files you've downloaded, try
using a different program to unpack the .AVI files. Here's a really
good fast, free program that is pretty much all I use anymore for
zipping and unzipping:

Otherwise, if you're hung up on getting .avi files I can't really help
you. If you'd like to just watch them, I can give you .mp4 versions of
these episodes. These are files I created from my series DVDs to watch
on my iPod. (You can also watch them on your regular computer using the
free Apple Quicktime program).

— janet