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OK… I'm starting to beg now. After repeated attempts to register with Rareshares I'm pulling a dead end. This site will not allow me to use the "Sign up" button even though I've completed all the required (and optional) fields.

I've tried downloading the RAR versions of the episodes I'm missing from, as well as other sites, and just as before my computer hiccups once, burps twice, and then barfs all over the place (metaphorically, of course, but hopefully you get my meaning; my computer absolutely hates anything to do with RARs).

Can anyone help me with locating an AVI version of Series 4 Eps 3 and 8, and Series 7 Ep 4? Why these three episodes aren't included in's lists of TOL AVIs when they've got the rest of the entire Series is beyond me, and searching the net is only yielding additional frustration (and Rareshares' lack of letting me register isn't helping).

I know these episodes run between 350 and 570MB in AVI format, so e-mailing is out. But if anyone has found links to these three Eps in AVI and would share those links with me, or has them in AVI (or can rip them in AVI from a DVD as I've heard some people can do) and would put them on Megaupload and send me the links, I would be very appreciative.


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I already have all the Onedin line on DVD so it was out of curiosity I
looked on:

It has series 1,2,3,4,7 and 8 at the moment and 5 and 6 are to follow.
Speeds there are a bit slow but if you are patient you get the files.

These are xvid .avi files which play on you PC or through media extenders to
a TV, as far as I know they avoid the PAL / NTSC problems some people have.


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