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They're all on – but I got banned from there so you'll have to look yourself. How about simply doing a Google search including the word 'torrent' ? CJB.

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Subject: [shiponedingroup] Looking for 3 Missing Episodes in AVI format
Date: Thursday, 15 December, 2011, 7:39


Greetings, All,

I've been scouring several sites (Rapidshares, Megaupload, looking for TOL episodes and I've managed to find download links to AVI files for all of TOL episodes, especially by searching "The Onedin Line" on bergfiles; that is, except for three episodes. The one's I've downloaded so far play great on my computer (though at 350MB-550MB per episode, they're filling up what's left of my hard drive so I plan to put them on an external drive, and eventually transfer them to DVD-Rs).

Anyway, the three episodes that seem to be missing from the bergfiles' extensive AVI lists are:

Series 4, Ep 3 "Not Wanted On Voyage"

Series 4, Ep 8 "Shipwreck"

Series 7, Ep 4 "Dirty Cargo"

A couple of those are listed in bergfiles as RAR files, but my computer has never done well with RARs. It seems to absolutely hate all of the RAR extraction apps.

So does anyone know where I can find these episode files in AVI that I can download? Or does anyone have these as AVIs that they'd be willing to put someplace like Megaupload and send me the links so I could download them?

Since I'm finding it impossible to find TOL, in any complete form, on DVD for Region 1 (even though my DVD player is region free, my TV can't play PAL format), these AVIs are the only way I'm able to view these episodes. So with the above three missing I don't have a complete set, and while most of Series 1 that I've been watching seem to be stand-alone stories, they are part of the whole saga and some occasionally refer to things that have happened in previous episodes. So missing one can leave vital gaps in the whole story line.

Any and all help is appreciated.



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