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Hi ttenna,

Welcome to the group.

Anne also is my fav. character, followed by James and Elizabeth (Isabel).

Do you know the reason why the German television doesn't (and didn't) send
all the episodes from series 2?

I don't know why Cry of the Blackbird and Bloody week aren't on the DVDs,
the only reason I can give is that it must have something to do with the
rights. In series 1 and 2 there's also a lot of cutting, series 3 and 4 are
complete on the DVDs.

Kind regards,



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Hi, all members..I am very glad of the membership.My favourit
charakter is anne…especially of the parts the are not coming to
germany..Why doesent exist "Cry of the blackbird" and "Bloody week" of
the originals DVDs? Sorry my english is not very well.ttenna

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