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The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 45 rpm single titled "Theme From 'The
Onedin Line' (Decca F 13259)" reached its highest position, number 15, in
the UK charts, on the 18th December 1971.

It remained in the charts for 14 weeks. A search in Google would probably
find this recording from one of the specialist record stockists.


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I would imagine the Decca CD you have may well be the original
recording that was later used for the series. Anthony Isaacs adapted
the music specifically for the series but only part of the adagio was
used as "The Onedin Line theme". This is what was released
as a
single and from memory it lasts three to four minutes.

By single I mean a 45 on vinyl. The single entered the pop charts.
I know it got into the Top Twenty and it might even have got into the
Top Ten. I can very vaguely recall the record being played on Top of
the Pops! I think a film of sailing ships and the sea was used – it
might even have been an extended version of that used at the
beginning and end of each episode .. but it's so long ago now
I'm not at all sure about this.

Funnily enough, only on Saturday I found an article from the Daily
Mirror dated 3 December 1971 saying "The BBC are being inundated
hundreds of requests for the name of the theme music to their tall
ships saga The Onedin Line .. it is proving such a hit that a
single disc of the TV music is being issued today by Decca.

Hope this answers your questions.


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