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Hi, all –
A question for me if ever there was one!  I'll dig out my discs of Series 3 and check this out this evening. Of course, the music adviser then was dear Tony Isaac. I wonder how many of the group know anything about Tony, whose passing was such a dreadful tragedy back in – when? – 1979. By then he had moved on from Onedin Line to Warship and several other successful shows, and was doing pretty well. Then his whole world collapsed in about a week. His wife of six months left him, and – typical World of TV, I'm afraid – a producer who had asked him to provide all the music for a new show (a very big deal) was fired and replaced by someone else who brought his own composer with him. Tony had just signed the papers on a big new house in the country on the strength of this, and suddenly found himself about 50,000 pounds in the hole. I had the awful responsibility of telling producer Geraint Morris that Tony had hanged himself soon after production started
on Series 7.
Years later, I had the similarly awful task of calling round old Onedin friends to tell them that Gerald Blake had been found dead in his flat in 1991. I was calling Gerry one morning to arrange lunch with him when a strange voice answered the phone; it was a coroner's assistant. Gerry had been going to treat me to lunch to celebrate my engagement to my present wife. For reasons too awful to describe here, there was no real funeral for Gerry's many friends to attend, and I was still meeting people five years later who had no idea that he had died. I still miss him horribly to this day.
Anyway, watch this space for the music!
Bill Scanlan Murphy

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