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Good News!

Well we've been waiting for a while!

The download ones are from my old VHS tapes that somehow got onto the internet! 😉

The quality was not outstanding because the tapes were not very good. I'll be getting my order in for series 5 as soon as I find somewhere that has them and will send to the UK.

Just to check, are they like the previous releases that have an English soundtrack with "turn-offable" subtitles?


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DVD series 5 is now for sale !!! (25-11-2008)
I managed to get one, and was very happy, because there were only two
for sale in a 'Blokker' shop here in Vlissingen (Netherlands).
Finally we can watch these episodes on dvd and ofcourse this is of
much better quality( and more comfortable !)than a download on the
Fortunately in series 5 they didn't cut the intro's and the credits,
so it's better than the previous ones from Memphis Belle.
It's very strange I couldn't find this dvd on the Memphis Belle
website, although it is licensed to them.
It's also for sale on the website of, but it's not
in stock at the moment, will be in a few weeks I suppose…
Hope this is of some help to some people !

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> Jacqueline asks:
> >This actress April Walker, is she the one that played 'Carrie
> >in the Onedin Line as well ?!?!?
> I'd forgotten that! Yes, the very same. She was Mrs. Anthony Isaac
at the time.
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